Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            How do I increase my stake?

            On the smoke blockchain your stake is held in SMOKE POWER (SP). This is SMOKE which has been powered up.
            The higher your stake, the higher your upsmoke. Large stakeholders also have a bigger impact when voting for witnesses.

            Powering up requires that you hold liquid SMOKE. 

            Powering up requires your active key

            Powering Up Step-by-Step

            1. Go to your wallet. 
            2. In your wallet, below your liquid SMOKE balance tap, or click, the Power Up button.
            3. Enter the amount of liquid SMOKE you wish to power up.

            4. Click Power Up. 
            5. Enter your active key.
            6. Sign in.

            All done. 👌 

            Remember that it akes 13 weeks to power down again.

            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 12:17 PM
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