Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            How do I see my recent rewards?

            You can see your recent author rewards and curation rewards in your account section on tablet devices or on desktop devices.

            Go to your account section and tap Rewards. From the dropdown select author or curation rewards.

            Most recent author rewards

            The author rewards show all received rewards for posts and comments you’ve recently written.  The rewards shown are only for posts which have been paid out already, and after curator split.

            Posts which are still active (within 7 days after publication) are not shown in this list. The same applies for curator rewards. Only paid out posts are shown in this list.

            On Mobile

            To simplify the user experience, the Rewards link is not shown on smaller screens. You can still access your rewards section if you know the link though.

            In the following link, replace unnamed with your account name for author rewards:
            In the following link, replace unnamed with your account name for curation rewards:
            Updated: 19 Feb 2019 01:59 PM
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