Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            How do I vote for witnesses?

            Voting for witnesses is very simple.

            Just go to this page and select the witness you wish to vote for. Click the little arrow next to their name. Upon completion the arrow will become an orange circle. You have just voted for a witness.

            Voting for witnesses

            If you want to vote for any witness outside the current top 50, enter their name in the field below the list and click Vote.

            Voting a witness outside Top 50 & Setting a proxy

            If you appreciate this FAQ, and all the work which has gone in it, please consider voting for @cannaweedness who made this FAQ.

            Setting a Proxy

            While we do not recommend giving someone else the power of your personal witness vote, if you do not want to bother about keeping up with witnesses and their updates, you can allow somebody you trust to vote for you. This is called proxy voting.

            When you set somebody as your proxy, you vote in the exact same way as they do.

            To set a proxy, just enter the name of the person whose witness votes you want to mirror (person you trust voting for you) in the field at the bottom of the witness page and click Proxy (See screenshot above).

            Voting for witnesses requires your active key

            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 01:53 PM
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