Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            What are “Active Posts”?

            On the Smoke blockchain there are two types of posts: active posts and paid out posts.

            A post is active for 7 days after publication. After exactly 7 days a post is closed and rewards are paid out. Once rewards are paid out a post can not be edited anymore.

            Learn how to claim your rewards.

            Why 7 Days?

            Posts are active for 7 days because it allows curators to find the posts and posts to gain more visibility. During that period curator upsmokes (upvotes) reward the active post. After 7 days upsmokes do not pay out rewards anymore.

            At the same time, when somebody plagiarized content, or maybe impersonated somebody else, the 7 days period allows the curators to remove their upsmokes and withdraw rewards. 
            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 01:15 PM
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