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            How do rewards work?

            On the Smoke blockchain rewards are split 50/50 between the creator and the curators.

            Curators are Smoke members who upsmoke the content/creations published on the Smoke blockchain. Depending on the size of their stake, their upsmoke is smaller or bigger. 

            Check out this guide to Voting, Voting Power, and Curation

            After 7 days the rewards to a post are paid out. 50% of the rewards goes to the creator, the other 50% is split with the curators (based on their stake and when they upsmoked.

            When rewards to a post have been paid out, they can be claimed in your wallet. Rewards on the Smoke blockchain are paid out in SMOKE POWER, not in liquid SMOKE.

            Want to know how many curation rewards you earned recently? Check out this post.

            Updated: 24 Feb 2019 04:49 PM
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