Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            What are the different keys for in my wallet?

            The Smoke blockchain, similar to the Steem blockchain, has different keys you can use to operate your account with. you can find you keys in your Wallet, under the section permissions.

            Your Password

            Upon signing up you received an email with a password. DO NOT LOOSE THIS PASSWORD!

            Store this password somewhere safely, on a piece of paper and preferably in multiple locations as this password can NOT be retrieved when you’ve lost it. 

            This is the most important password/key on the Smoke blockchain and if you lose it you may loose control over your account. Do NOT use this password to navigate the Smoke platform with. Use your posting key.

            Account keys

            1.Posting Key

            For most operations, day to day use you only need your posting key. No other key should be used.

            This should be the only key you use when you’re logged in to Smoke and browsing the platform. With this key, you can post, comment, upsmoke, resmoke, and even claim pending account balances.

            When you’re logged in with your posting key, no wallet transfers can be done. Thus your funds are always see your private posting key, the one you need, tampon Show private key and enter your main accounts password. Copy your private key and store it somewhere safe but easily accessible. A password manager like LastPass is recommended.

            2. Active Key

            The active key allows you to send funds, power down your balance, and make changes to your account. Your active key is also required to vote for witnesses.

            To view your private active key, you will need to login with your main password. That’s the password you received when signing up.

            Store this key somewhere safe, but not too far away as you will need it when you wish to send funds or make changes to your Smoke profile. Or when you wish to vote for witnesses or update your witness votes.

            3. Owner Key

            The owner key is not required in day to day operation. The owner key is only for advanced operations which are accessible to developers or when posting via the CLI_wallet tool.

            4. Memo Key

            The memo key is required to show encrypted memos send to you via funds transfers.

            Updated: 19 Feb 2019 11:22 AM
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