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            What is reputation?

            On the Smoke blockchain every user has a reputation. Reputation is the small number shown next to your user account.
            Your reputation score is a representation of how much Smoke members have valued your contributions to the Smoke blockchain [content/creations].

            Every new Smoke member starts with a default reputation score of 25.

            How do I Increase my reputation?

            Each time somebody wth a higher reputation upsmokes a post or comment of you, you will earn additional reputation points. The exact amount of earned reputation points is defined by the reputation of the curator, their held Smoke stake, and the % of their upsmoke.

            Can I my lose reputation?

            Yes, when somebody flags your content/creations, your reputation score will decrease according to the same principle as it increases — but then with negative score.

            When your reputation becomes negative, all posts you publish to the Smoke blockchain will be shown as Hidden and members will have to click the “Show post” button to view your content. Posts are not censored, as they are still in the Smoke blockchain, but may not show them.

            Members with a lower reputation than yours can not affect your reputation score

            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 01:13 PM
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