Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            What is Voting Power?

            Voting Power, or VP, is the percentage with which your voting happens. Think of it as mana. Voting power recharges on an ongoing basis at 20% per day.

            Check out this guide to learn more about voting, voting power, and curation.

            Each time you vote, or upsmoke, you use a little bit of voting power. Upsmokes at 100% cost 2% VP.
            If your voting power is lower, the reward received from your upsmoke is also lower.

            Voting power is technically the “cost” of an upsmoke. That is to avoid that members could go round and upsmoke everything they find and thus drain the pool.

            Want to upsmoke with less than 100%?

            Updated: 24 Feb 2019 04:11 PM
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