Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            Where do the SMOKE tokens come from?

            Every day a certain amount of new SMOKE tokens is created by the network. We call this inflation.

            The tokens are distributed as follows:
            1. 75% go to the reward pool, which is split between authors and curators.
            2. 15% of the new tokens are awarded to holders of SMOKE POWER.
            3. The remaining 10% pays for the witnesses to power the blockchain
            The reward pool is split among all users, based on the amount of total active staked SMOKE POWER (powered up SMOKE). In other words, when more users have a higher stake and actively curate the upsmokes will generally be of a lower value.

            The current inflation rate of the Smoke blockchain is set at 9.5%.
            Updated: 24 Feb 2019 04:45 PM
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