Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            Why do I need 50,000SMOKE for the slider?

            The threshold to unlock the slider on is high because the Smoke community is still a very young community. By maintaining a high slider unlock level, the distribution of rewards goes faster and allows the still young community to grow a middle-class much faster than when everyone upsmokes at lower percentages.

            It is possible to vote at lower % though.

            Will the slider always be at 50,000SMOKE?

            That is left to the team who manage the app to decide. It is highly likely though that the threshold will be lowered as more Smoke members have grown a larger stake and can thus distribute more rewards over more posts.

            The Smoke community is only some months old so far and thus still at its earliest stage. Stay patient, the slider will probably be made available at an earlier level also on
            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 12:57 PM
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