How do I register multiple delegates and generate only one invoice?

How do I register multiple delegates and generate only one invoice?

Added the following steps to the FAQ page
Scenario 1: Multiple delegates and one invoice
Step 1: Read How to Register for the event.

Step 2: At the time of check out, update the number of delegates and click "Register Now".

Step 3: At the time of checkout, complete billing information and in the Notes please provide the following information about additional delegate(s).

-  Title, First Name, Last Name

-  Position, Department, Hospital

-  Email

-  Are you registering as a speaker? Yes/No

-  Day your delegate is planning to attend (Day1/Day2/Both)

-  Dietary Restrictions?

-  Agreement to keep personal information for receiving future announcements related to this event. Yes/No

Step 4: Make a payment for all delegates. You will receive a confirmation email.

Scenario 2: Multiple delegated with the different billing address
Step 1: Register the first delegate (Read How to Register for the event)

Step 2: Repeat Step 1 for the next delegate.
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