TriVice - Frequently Asked Questions

TriVice - Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical FAQs

What is TriVice?

TriVice is a purpose-designed application developed by the Department of Plastic surgery in collaboration with Capri healthcare which will handle all acute referrals to the on-call plastic surgery team at BWC. TriVice will capture patient demographics including contact details, essential details of the injury and will facilitate uploading of clinical photographs and images as appropriate. Based on the embedded clinical algorithm the app will then suggest a course of action which in cases of patient transfer will be validated by the on call plastic surgery team at BWC.

What is the scope of TriVice?

Currently, TriVice can be used to refer all soft tissue injuries, hand and wrist fractures as well as upper limb birth-related injuries to the Department of Plastic Surgery. In future, we hope to expand the use to other conditions such as burn injuries and in-house extravasation referrals.

Who can use TriVice?

TriVice has two separate interfaces- one for the Emergency Department clinicians who wish to refer patients to Plastic Surgery and the other for the on call plastic surgical team who will receive these referrals. In order to use TriVice, the app must be downloaded from App Store or Google Play store and register as a user. Only those with valid NHS email address will be authorised to use the app.

Please click the link to view the training video. (link)

For those users who prefer to use a web-based program, please click the link (provided) to download the desktop version.

What are the advantages of using TriVice?

TriVice will streamline referral pathways and obviate the need to speak to the on-call plastic surgery team at BWC for every referral unless an injury is serious or threatens limb or life. In most instances, TriVice will offer an action plan. The BWC clinician will endeavour to respond urgently if the injury suggests such a response is required. The app has a built in feature that enables the ED clinician to contact the BWC on-call team directly, at the press of a button, where required. The information that is captured on the app will be incorporated into BWC clinical systems and be part of patient records.

How can I make the best use of TriVice?

Please ensure that all required fields are filled inaccurately. We request that clinical photographs and images are included to enable us to get as accurate a picture of the injury as possible. Please also use the free textbox to provide any additional information that you think is pertinent and useful.

What happens if I disagree with the advice given by TriVice?

If you feel that the advice given by TriVice is inappropriate or compromises patient safety please contact the on-call plastics as a team at BWC by telephone through the switchboard.

What do I do if I do not receive a response from the BWC clinician?

If the action plan suggested by the app is to manage the patient in-house please do so. Clinical guidance and information leaflets are available within the app that you may choose to use at your own discretion. If the app suggests that the patient can be seen at BWC on a semi elective basis, the patient can be sent home with instructions as suggested by the app and the BWC team will contact the patient with necessary starving and attending instructions. If the advice is to send the patient to BWC immediately, please speak to the on-call team and agree on the details of the transfer. In case of immediate referrals, if the BWC plastics team are busy, they will attempt to contact you at the earliest. In case of limb or life-threatening emergencies, you may speak to the Emergency Department at BWC, if you are unable to contact the Plastic surgery team.

What do I do if there is a technical error?

Please contact Capri Healthcare by email- or phone for technical support on 0330 133 4047
If you think there may be an error related to the clinical pathways, please contact the on-call Plastic surgery through the switchboard at BWC.

What if the patient or carer refuses permission for clinical photographs to be taken for the referral?

The on-call Plastic surgery team require every piece of information including photographs to make an accurate assessment of the nature of the injury. If the patient or carer refuses photographs to be taken, the clinician making the referral will have to make a decision on how to proceed based on their judgement.

What do I do if I want to discontinue and delete a case?

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What do I do if a patient does not want to share arent details?

Technical FAQs

How to check the primary Gmail account on an Android phone?

  1. Go to your Settings. ( Home key, Menu key, then Settings)
  2. Tap Accounts. It might say “Accounts and sync” or it might just say “Accounts”
  3. Look for your Gmail. Your Gmail should be shown on the Accounts page. It might be listed under Google. It should end with

How to find your Apple ID on iOS devices:

  1. Go to Setting>[your name], you will find your Apple ID under your name.
  2. Go to Settings>[your name]>iTunes and App Stores. There is your Apple ID on the top.
  3. If you have already set up Facetime details, you could go to Settings>Facetime to find your Apple ID.
  4. On the same condition, you could go to Setting>Messages, if you have already set up your iMessage account.

What do I do when TriVice is down?

If TriVice goes down:
  1. Telephone the clinician you have been discussing the patient with
  2. Inform the clinician that TriVice is down and the referral will now be managed via the telephone
  3. If you are unable to contact the clinician, telephone Switchboard and ask to be put through to this person
  4. If you are unable to speak to this person, ask Switchboard to put you through to the on-call consultant

What do I do when TriVice is back online?

Once TriVice is back online all referrals must be managed via TriVice. Any telephone discussions that have taken place whilst TriVice was down will need to be recorded in TriVice as soon as possible. Once TriVice is back online, please follow the steps below:
  1. Telephone the clinician you have been discussing the patient with
  2. Inform the clinician that TriVice is back online and the referral will now be managed via TriVice
  3. If you unable to contact the clinician, telephone Switchboard and ask to be put through to this person
  4. If you are unable to speak to this person, ask Switchboard to put you through to the on-call consultant

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