Can CWC assure me a job in Germany?

Can CWC assure me a job in Germany?

CWC cannot assure you a job as we are not an employment agency. However, we will do our best to properly guide and train you to pass your employer interview and to prepare you for your new job in Germany so that you can pursue a long-term career in your new country.

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    • What are the conditions to receive a B2 CWC language sponsorship?

      There are a few requirements to qualify for the B2 CWC language sponsorship in Germany. You will have had to successfully pass the B1 exam and comply with all other CWC program requirements, including receiving a job offer from a German healthcare ...
    • Does CWC charge Candidates to participate in the program?

      CWC does not charge candidates a fee to participate in the program but instead invests up to €7.000 to help them become a Registered Nurse in Germany.
    • What are the costs of becoming a Registered Nurse once in Germany?

      You will not be charged for the B2 and the Qualification Recognition training or exams in Germany. Additionally, you will work as a Nurse Assistant during this training phase. Once you pass both B2 and Qualification Recognition exams, you will become ...
    • ¿Qué costes lingüísticos cubre el CWC?

      Si aprendes el idioma por tu cuenta, CWC te ofrece un bonus una vez que te desplaces a Alemania. Contacta con el equipo de CWC para más información. CWC ofrece un número limitado de becas y apoyo financiero a algunos candidatos. Si estás interesado, ...
    • What countries does CWC recruit from?

      We recruit from any country that is allowed by the German and local governments. If you live in one of the countries listed here, we are unfortunately unable to recruit you to Germany.