Who can participate in the program?

Who can participate in the program?

Any licensed nurse that has graduated from a 3 year vocational training or a 4 year college or university program, as long as you do not currently live in one of the countries that have been restricted by the German government based on the WHO nurse staffing shortage assessment.

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    • Does CWC charge Candidates to participate in the program?

      CWC does not charge candidates a fee to participate in the program but instead invests up to €7.000 to help them become a Registered Nurse in Germany.
    • What is expected of me to participate in this program?

      Apart from being a licensed Registered Nurse in your country, committing to passing your language exams and submitting all required documentation, we expect you to: fully commit to passing your B2 and Qualification Recognition exams upon arriving in ...
    • What if this virtual program does not have my preferred “mother tongue” as an option?

      The most effective way to learn a new language is by using your mother tongue as the base language. For example, if your mother tongue is Spanish, you should follow a methodology that teaches you in Spanish how to learn German. If the proposed ...
    • Is any work experience needed?

      No, there’s no minimal work experience required to participate in the Care With Care program. However, in the end, our employers will decide which candidate to hire. Some employers prefer to hire nurses with some work experience. Others prioritize ...
    • Is there an age limit to applying?

      No, We don’t have an age limit to apply to our program. Registered nurses of all ages can apply to our program.  However, depending on the individual plan on how long they wish to stay in Germany, we give advice and information about retirement in ...