How does the FREE Product Sample Program work?

How does the FREE Product Sample Program work?


Each time you (the Affiliate) places an order that has CALIBR8 (canister) or TRIN8TY , you will receive (5) codes 

These codes will be sent to your email address.  Maximum (5) codes per order.  Allow 1-2 business days for this email to arrive.


Each code can be redeemed for a:

5-Pack of Calibr8 Product Samples (stick packs)


3-Pack of Trin8ty Product Samples  (stick packs)     

Visit or go to your Affiliate website homepage and at the very bottom, click on “Free Sample Program” 
Select which free product sample you want, your address, and the product sample code. Clar8ty will mail the product sample to you!

You can SHARE a code with your prospective customer so they can request the free product sample themselves.  We’ll notify you as when we mail it to them. When a prospective customer uses one of your codes to request a free product sample, that code tells us which Affiliate should earn commissions when that customer later decides to order product.

*Free Product Sample Program begins October 24, 2020

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