Using the CG200 Auto analyser

            In the box:
            2 5l containers of calibration solution 1 and 2.
            The main unit.

            When you set it up, put the inlet tube for cal 1 into the cal 1 bottle and the same for tube 2. Then plug it in it will boot up with a cleangrow screen. If you see a VNC pop up window just press the small x on the right corner of the popup to cancel that.

            Then if you have a LAN cable for direct internet, plug that in. Or you can connect it to your wifi using the setup on the instructions.

            The user guide has an explanation then for each screen.

            The waste/outlet will need a collection vessel or it will go on the floor. The sample/test tube you can put in a beaker or wherever your sample is.
            It's not a bad idea to give it a 2 or so calibrations to wake it up a bit, let the sensors rehydrate after travelling.

            It can not be used on its side!, it should be placed flat with the screen on the top. The flow cell inside with the sensors is only made to work in that position, it has a vertical fill switch that needs gravity to know if there is solution in the flow cell.
            Updated: 12 Jun 2018 03:44 AM
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