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            Agency Info: Summary

            Filling in your agency information is an important step when you are setting up your CloudPCR account because without this information we won't be able to export your information to your state.


            1. Once you are on the home screen for CloudPCR, use the left side navigation menu and select Administration.

            2. Clicking the Administration tab will show a drop down list of options that you can choose from. Select Agency Info.

            3. Once you are on the Agency Info page, you will see various fields that you need to fill out.

            *Required Fields

            *Agency Name: The name that your state has on record.

            *Agency Certification Number: The certification number that your state will provide you

            *Type of Service: You can choose between 9-1-1 Response with Transport Capabilities,  9-1-1 Response without Transport Capabilities, Air Medical, ALS Intercept, Hazmat, Medical Transport (which is for transfers to nursing homes or other hospitals), Rescue, Community Para-medicine, or Critical Care (Ground). 

            *Agency Type: You can choose between these options. Fire Department, Governmental (Non-Fire), Hospital, Private or Non-Hospital, or Tribal.

            Service Area GNIS: Geographical number assigned to your agency

            *Agency Number: The number that your state has provided you with. (This might be the same as your agency certification number)

            *Agency State: The state your agency resides in

            Fire Department ID: If you are involved with a fire department then your state will also provide you with a number for this field as well. (This is not required if you are not a fire department)

            *Agency Status: Select if you are either a Volunteer Agency, Non-Volunteer Agency, or a Mixed Agency

            *Tax Status: Choose whether you are a For Profit Agency, Not for Profit Agency, or Other.

            Updated: 03 May 2019 01:01 AM
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