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            Application Settings: Summary

            The Application Settings tab is full of useful tools for users. You are able to create auto generated incident numbers, lockout users with expired certification, and create a custom narrative. These tools help users create PCRs more quickly and help you administrators keep up to date with important certification information.  

            To access Application Settings:
            1. Once you are on the home screen for CloudPCR, use the left side navigation menu and select Administration.
            2. Clicking on the Administration tab will create a drop down list of options that you can choose from. Select Application Settings. 
            3. Once you are on the Application Settings page you will have the ability to:
            - Create auto-generated incident numbers: This way you no longer have to fill in the field for incident number in your PCR because it will automatically be filled for you!
            - Lockout users with expired certifications: When you add users to CloudPCR you will have to give a certification expiration date, this will allows us to notify you and lock these users out of CloudPCR so that they can not create new PCRs until they have been re-certified.
            - Create a narrative: This allows you to have an automated template for you to use when filling out your Narrative section in your PCRs. You can create an unlimited number of narratives. This can pull information from your PCR and put it into your narrative automatically.

            Updated: 30 Apr 2019 01:04 AM
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