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            Welcome to CloudPCR! We are extremely excited that you are using our software. We promise to provide a simple yet efficient system that allows you to rapidly complete patient care reports.  was designed from the ground up with ease of use being our number one goal. This article is designed to introduce you to the basics of our software. We will explain how to log in, browse the navigation tabs as well as create your first patient care report.

            Lets Get Started!

            You may use any browser to log into CloudPCR, we have designed it to work on every modern browser including PC, Mac, and all mobile browsers. While you may use any browser, we do recommend Google Chrome which you can download here which will provide the best experience possible.

            Your organization will provide you with your user name and password. The first time you log in you will be prompted to change your password. Once you change your password you will be taken to the software install. Don't worry, this process is completely automated and requires no action from the user.

            Once the installation is complete you will be automatically redirected to the CloudPCR home screen.

            This is the CloudPCR home screen. 

            On this screen, you can click on your username in the right-hand corner of the screen, you will be able to change your password, change your username, add a profile picture, and adjust some of the settings such as your name, signature, and email associated to the account. 

            (Insert screenshot of the options mentioned above)

            This screen is also the screen that you use to create a new PCR as well as edit, view, or print PCR’s that have already been created.

            (Insert screenshot of create a new PCR button)


            If you have the correct permissions, you will also be able to see the QA/QI tab and Administration tab on the navigation screen on the left. 


            The QA/QI tab can be used to check for quality assurance. Under this tab, you are able to edit the status of PCR’s, export your PCR’s, as well as run reports based on various statistics such as patient demographics, treatments given, calls by month, IV success rate, and many more.

            (Insert screen shot of some of the options mentioned above)


            The Administration tab is where administrators can go to customize CloudPCR to fit their needs. This tab is where you customize your PCR form, enter your agency information, choose your workflow, add users, and you can control the security levels on your device.


            (Insert screenshot of some of the options mentioned above)


            Updated: 02 May 2019 04:05 AM
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