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            Destinations: Summary


            The destinations that your agency administrators add help users fill out their PCRs as quickly and accurately as possible. They can use these predetermined destinations to easily select hospital addresses when they are filling out their PCR. 

            When creating a new destination it is important to include the hospitals fax number, that way your agency is easily able to fax PCRs to hospitals. 

            Video Tutorial


            1. Once you are on the home screen of Cloud PCR, use the left side navigation menu and select Administration.

            2. Clicking on the Administration tab will create a drop down list of options that you can choose from. Select Destinations.

            3. Once you are on the Destinations page, you will notice a list of default facilities. You can create a new destination, edit an existing destination, or delete a destination in this section.

            Edit: To edit a destination, go to the destination that you would like to edit and then select the edit button which is located under the Action column

            Delete: To delete a destination, go to the destination that you would like to delete and then select the delete button which is located under the Action column.

            Add a new destination: In the upper right hand corner there is a Create a New Destination button, click that and the following fields will be displayed

            3.Fill out all of these fields with the new facilities information and then press Save

            Name- Fill out the hospital's name
            Number- Insert the hospitals phone number
            Facility Type- Select the type of hospital it is (Hospital Non-Emergent, Hospital Emergency Department, Nursing Home/Assisted Living, etc. )
            Capability- Select the capabilities that the hospital has ( Trauma Center 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, Behavioral Health, Rehab Center, Etc. )
            Street Address- Fill in the hospitals address
            City- Fill in the hospitals city
            Zip code- Fill in the hospitals zip code
            State- Select the ST the hospital resides in
            Municipality Code- Fill in the hospitals municipality code (hospital should have this information)
            County Code- Fill in the hospitals county code
            Fax Number- Fill in the hospitals fax number

            Once you save the new destination, it will appear under the Destinations section in your PCR once you type in the first 3 letters of the facility.

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