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            How to Add Patient Medications

            This guide will tell you how to list and keep track of a patient's medications.


            1. First, you either have to select the Create A New PCR button on the home page or be editing an existing PCR.

            2. From the PCR's side menu, navigate through Patient.

            3. On the lower right side of the form, you will see the field for Patient Medications. Click New.

            4. Enter the details on the field then click Save.

            1. Medication- Once you start typing in the first few letters of the medication, the name will automatically appear in the drop down list.

            2. Dose- The dosage that the patient takes. Numerical values are the only thing that should be placed in this field.

            3. Units- This is the unit that the patient takes. Such as drops, milligrams, inches, etc.

            4. Route- This is the way the patient takes the medication. Such as orally or inhalation.

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