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            How to Auto-Generate Incident Numbers

            Incident numbers are generated by the 911 Dispatch system. While you are creating a PCR you can either manually input incident numbers into the system or have it automatically generated. This allows your users to fill out their PCRs more efficiently.

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            1, Once you are on the home screen for CloudPCR, use the left side navigation menu and select Administration.

            2. Clicking on the Administration tab will show a drop down list of options that you can choose from. Select Application Settings.

            3. Once you are in the Application Settings page, you can then select the check mark next to Auto-generate report incident numbers.

            Now that you have selected to auto-generate incident numbers, the incident number fields when you are creating a new PCR will automatically be filled in for you. 

            For Example: This user's PCR will automatically have an incident number of 190013, the following report that is created will be 190014, and the next is 190015.

            4. Once you have made all of your changes, don't forget to press Save Settings!

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