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            PCR Form Config: Summary

            The CloudPCR forms come with many pre-loaded options in the drop down and there are many required fields depending on the disposition, because of this we have created a way for you to minimize the amount of effort your users have to go through to fill out a PCR. The PCR Form Config page allows admins to create required fields and default field options based on the select disposition. 


            1. Once you are on the home screen for CloudPCR, use the left side navigation menu and select Administration.

            2. Clicking the Administration tab will create a drop down list of options that you can choose from. Select PCR Form Config.

            3. Once you are on the PCR Form Config page you will be able to create required field, select default fields, and use other settings to customize your form.

            2. You may configure all the forms in your PCR, from "Incident" to "Notes."

            When opening the form, you might have noticed the following symbols: 

            Clicking this will give you an idea what type of information applies to a particular box.

            Clicking this symbol allows you to add or delete entries on the drop down.

            Clicking on this symbol brings up the Hidden/Required/Default screen.  This screen may look confusing however it is super simple.  

            As you can see every disposition is listed on the left.  Clicking on a hidden check box for a particular disposition will make this field hidden anytime this disposition is selected.  Likewise, clicking on the required check box will make that field required.  

            So what if you want to hide a required field?  This is were defaulting comes into play.  To default a selection you must first choose or enter information into the field, then click on the settings wheel and finally click Assign for the disposition that you wish to default the answer for.  At this point you can now hide that field even though it may be required by Nemsis.  Likewise you can default a field that always has the same answer for your organization.

            To clear a default just click Revert and it will empty that field.

            3. Once you are done, click Save Config.

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