How To Create a Shortcut To CloudPCR

            Follow these steps to download and install the CloudPCR link on your desktop.

            2.  Find the file in your downloads folder.

            3.  Right click on the file and choose "Extract all"  one the next window make sure "Show extracted files when completed" is checked.

            4.  A new window will pop up now with a file called "CloudPCR34" this is a .bat file (sometimes virus scans will pick this up as a false positive because they are often used by viruses to install software onto your computer.  We promise this file is safe)

            5. Right click on the CloudPCR34 file and choose "Run as administrator" then answer YES to the prompt.

            It is a lighting fast install and if you go back to your desktop you will see the link there.  When you click on this link it will automatically open google chrome and navigate you to the log in page.

            Updated: 03 Apr 2019 10:49 AM
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