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            How to Update a Patient's Timeline

            A patient's timeline gives you a glimpse of a person's vitals, medications taken as well as the procedures and exams undertaken. A detailed timeline helps medical practitioners understand the overall health of the patient.


            1. First you will either need to select the Create a new PCR button on the home screen or edit an existing PCR

            2. Once you are on the PCR home page you will look at the left hand navigation menu and select the tab Timeline.

            3. You will either need to select the vitals, medication, procedure, or the exam button to edit the fields.

            3. After filling out the forms, you will see the summary of the information under Timeline.

            From the Timeline window, you can also edit the information in the vital, medication, procedure or exam fields by clicking the notepad button on the left hand side of the summary. Click the x button to delete.

            Updated: 23 May 2019 11:51 AM
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