How to View the History of Changes on a PCR

            This feature was added so that you can see when a PCR was last updated or edited and what those changes were. 


            1. Once you are on the home screen of CloudPCR, you can then select the Actions button that is located next to the PCR that you would like to view. 

            2. Once you click Actions, you will see the option to View History.

            3. Once you click on View History, this screen will pop-up. If you would like to see the changes made to the PCR when it was edited, then just click the button under the actions column for whichever edit you would like to view.

            4. You will then see the Quick View menu. All the fields in this form will be blank except for those fields where some editing or updating was made.

            Updated: 02 May 2019 04:04 AM
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