Input Controls

            Basic and special input controls:

            Text box: You will see our text box fields throughout the entire PCR
            Drop Down: When fields have multiple answers we have inserted drop down fields so that you can easily select the answer. 
            Date Picker: Our date picker field works as a calendar. You just select the day you would like to use.
            Time Stamper: Our time stamper allows you to easily insert times for you arrival times, departure times, etc. with just a click of a button
            Calculated fields: We have several calculated fields throughout the PCR that will automatically convert temperatures into Celsius and weight into kilograms.
            Custom Value Box: Whenever you see a drop down field, you will also have a custom value field so that you can insert a different option that what we have listed.
            CAD integration fields: In your PCR you will see certain fields that you will be able to have automatically filled out for you if you have integrated your CAD system with ours.
            12 Lead integration fields: There are fields within your PCR that can automatically be calculated by connecting your 12 lead to your device. 

            Updated: 02 May 2019 03:16 AM
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