My PCR: Summary

            Welcome to CloudPCR! This is the home screen. You are able to view your PCRs as well as view your Locked PCRs. You can do several things on this screen such as taking the software offline, quick view PCRs, create new PCRs, and printing PCRs,  but that is not all that we have to offer. Check out our other useful features on this page.

            Clicking on the Create a New PCR button will take you to the PCR screen where you can fill out your patients information

            The left side navigation menu will consist of the My PCR tab, QA/QI tab, and Administration tabs depending on your User role 

            The incident number will give you a quick view of the completed PCR if you click on it. You can automate these numbers by editing them in the application settings.

            Refresh button: located next to the Create a New PCR button- this will update the PCRs that you have edited or created if your computer did not automatically do so.

            Online/Offline: This allows you to access PCRs when you are not connected to wifi. 

            The Action button- will pull up a list of options to choose from

            Edit: Will allow you to make adjustments to the PCR
            Clone: Will create a duplicate copy of the selected PCR
            Cache Locally:
            Download PDF: Will download the PCR into a PDF file
            Fax: Will allow you to fax the PCR (no spaces or special characters)
            View History:
            Quick View: Gives you a small view of the PCR in PDF form
            Print: Prints the selected PCR
            Close: Will minimize the action menu

            You might have noticed the Notification column has a variety of symbols. These are their definitions:
            Blue Download symbol- The blue icon indicates that this PCR is "checked-out" on this device. While this icon is showing, the PCR will not be accessible from any other device. 
            Yellow book- If a PCR is checked out, and you attempt to open it on a different device you will see this icon.

            Once you have submitted a PCR it will go into the Locked PCR's section of the homepage. Once it is in the section you can not make major changes, just add minor notes. This is where your organization/billing will view the PCR and let you know if theres anything wrong with it.

            Updated: 03 May 2019 02:01 AM
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