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            Narrative Generator

            The narrative generator helps to speed up the charting process by allowing you to create narrative templates that will pull information from a PCR.  It may seem a little challenging at first but once you understand how the system works, creating a narrative is fast and painless.


            Step 1.  Write a narrative that you would like to turn into a template as a basis for comparison.  This will make it easier to complete your template. 

            Step 2.  You can either copy and paste this narrative into the template creator or you can free type, the choice is yours.

            Step 3.  Anytime you would like the system to automatically pull information into your narrative, you will replace the segment of your template with the corresponding code.  The codes begin with {{ and as you type it will automatically bring the codes up for you.  The code search is directly tied to the name of the field, for example, unit call sign or nature of call.  Clicking on the code will enter the code for you.



            Desired text:  Unit 143 dispatched for a report of chest pain

            Code: Unit {{eResponse_14}} dispatched for a report of {{eDispatch_01}}.

            Updated: 10 May 2019 12:00 AM
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