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            Narrative Page

            Your narrative is a place for you to describe the Emergency and/or Transport in great detail.  You'll need to follow your agency and state rules regarding your Narrative, but you can use our Narrative Info Retrieval feature to help retrieve information that you already typed into your PCR and pull it directly into your narrative to help ensure an accurate report. You can learn more about our Narrative Info Retrieval here.


            1. First you will either need to select the Create a new PCR button on the home screen or edit an existing PCR

            2. Once you are on the PCR home page you will look at the left hand navigation menu and select the tab Narrative.

            3. Once you start typing in a narrative you can pull in information from specific fields that you filled out in your PCR by typing {{ followed by the name of the field you would like to retrieve information from. 

            For example: Typing in "We received a {{Disposition}} call on {{Incident Date}}." will result in the following text to appear in the narrative "We received a Patient Treated, Transported by this EMS Unit call on 11/12/2019."

            Updated: 11 Nov 2019 02:51 PM
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