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            Visual Reports: Summary

            Visual Reporting is a great tool for users. It allows them to see data about their PCRs by using charts and graphs which can then be used for quality assessment purposes.


            1. Once you are on the home screen for CloudPCR, use the left side navigation menu and Select QA/QI. 

            2. Clicking on the QA/QI tab will create a drop down list of options that you can choose from. Select Visual Reports. 

            Once you are on the Visual Reports page, you can select the type of report you would like to run on the left side of the screen.

            Reports Explained:

            Widget Reporting- Shows IV success rate and intubation success rate
            Calls by Day- Shows how many calls per day you have done
            Calls by Month- Shows how many calls per month you have done
            Calls by User- Shows how many calls every user was a part of
            Naloxone Distribution- Shows the amount of times you distributed Naloxone
            Trauma Report- Shows the type of trauma 
            STEMI Report- Shows the amount of STEMI trips
            Lights and Sirens- Shows how often you use lights and sirens when going to a call
            Busiest Time of Day- Shows when your organization gets the most calls
            Disposition Report- Shows which dispositions you receive the most
            More- These are the only types of reports that we offer at the moment, but let us know if we don't offer what you are looking for and we can look into adding it to our list!

            Updated: 02 May 2019 04:24 AM
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