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            Why should I register?

            Supercells is the most secure place for players to buy and sell MMO game assets. Becoming a part of our secured player-to-player marketplace means you:
            Dominate Your Game - Escape the grind when you buy great loot at better prices from your fellow players.
            Get Paid to Play - Get the profit you deserve by selling your digital assets directly to other players.
            Trade Confidently & Securely - PlayerGuardian provides you, your payments, and your trades with unparalleled protection.
            Make a Difference - Trading at PlayerAuctions supports the end to scams and in-game spam.

            Through Supercells Guardian, buyers are guaranteed delivery or their money back, while sellers are 100% protected against payment fraud and chargebacks. Learn more on how Supercells Guardian protects buyers and sellers.
            Protected against payment fraud and charge backs. Learn more on how Supercells Guardian protects buyers and sellers.    

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            Updated: 02 May 2017 07:25 PM
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