Computer Science Endorsement in Virginia

Computer Science Endorsement in Virginia

There are several routes to licensure that enable teachers to teach computer science courses. Additionally, teachers may be able to teach computer science classes with existing endorsements, depending on the course code the course is assigned by the local division. (see below)

Computer Science Endorsement

Virginia endorsement in Computer Science, either as a primary license or as an add on to an existing license.
  1. The requirements can be found here: 
Additionally teachers can add on the computer science endorsement by passing the Praxis Exam 5652 in Computer Science 

  1. As of Fall 2019 teh passing score was 142. Please check with the VDOE to make sure this is current.
  2. VDOE Praxis Requirements for add on endorsement (Word Format)
  3. Praxis Computer Science Site

Existing endorsements

Local school divisions decide what state course codes are assigned to their computer science offerings at the middle and high school level. These codes impact the endorsement a teacher needs to be able to teach the course.
  1. Math endorsement
    1. The computer science course is assigned a math code
    2. Example: 3185 is the code used for AP Computer Science A in a math department
  2. Business and Information Technology Endorsement
    1. The computer science course is in the CTE department
    2. Example: 6641 is the code assigned to the CTE course Advanced Programming
These are offered as examples only, specific questions about licensure should go directly to the VDOE.

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