FAQ- Facilitator Apprenticeship

FAQ- Facilitator Apprenticeship

1. What is the Facilitator Apprenticeship?

The CodeVA Facilitator Apprenticeship is an intensive practicum emphasizing continuous learning, best practices for facilitation, pedagogy, and CS knowledge acquisition in a hands-on experience. Apprentices are given the space to empower themselves through the gradual increase of responsibility to become Facilitators of CodeVA’s signature teacher professional learning. 


​2. What will I be doing as an Apprentice?

The apprenticeship is structured in a cohort model. Apprentices will work closely with current program facilitators in providing training and learning best practices. Apprentices use the learn, observe, participate, facilitate (LOPF) framework. As part of this work, responsibility is gradually increased. Apprentices are asked to complete observations and debrief with facilitators as part of a continuous learning conversation. At the conclusion of the apprenticeship, apprentices complete performance tasks to show mastery of the Four Domains of Quality Facilitation.

3. How long is the Apprenticeship? 

There is not a set amount of time for the completion of the apprenticeship. It relies on a combination of factors that emphasizes the apprentice's comfortability, facilitation skills, and content knowledge. The duration of the apprenticeship is connected to the completion of activities and performance tasks based on CodeVA's Four Domains of Quality Facilitation within a framework monitored by current Facilitators and CodeVA staff. The time frame for completion is typically 6 - 9 months, the program allows 24 months before additional review is needed to continue with the program. Because each apprentice is different and brings their own skills and assets to the program the apprenticeship time will vary. 

4. Do I get paid as an Apprentice? 

Yes, as an apprentice you will receive payment for each session you participate in facilitation. 

5. What is the workload as Apprentice? 

As an apprentice, you can expect a workload to be its highest during the summer as that is when the bulk of CodeVA training sessions happen. During the year expect to allocate approximately 15 hours a month to  CodeVA related work. This is a baseline and as an apprentice you will have opportunities to be more involved with additional projects as you are comfortable and we see fit. So this number can increase. 

6. Do you have to pay for your own travel as an Apprentice? 

No, as an apprentice or facilitator, CodeVA will cover travel expenses, including lodging, for CodeVA sanctioned events. In addition, travel over a certain amount of miles will be reimbursed as per the travel reimbursement policy.  

7. Can I be an Apprentice if I have not completed a CodeVA Training? 

One of the requirements to being selected as an apprentice is to have completed a CodeVA Training. So, unfortunately, the answer is it's very unlikely. However, we have several training sessions during the summer and the school year that you can participate, and make yourself eligible for the next cohort. 

8. What am I expected to complete in order to move from Apprentice to Facilitator? 

As an apprentice you are expected to complete 3 phases as part of the learn, observe, participate, facilitate framework completing a series of observations, reflections, and facilitation culminating in 3 performance tasks that correlate to the Domains of Quality Facilitation. Once these activities have been completed, submitted, and reviewed successfully, a recommendation is requested from facilitators. Once received, you will be moved from Apprentice to Facilitator status.  This is all outlined and made available to apprentices during the onboarding process. 

9. Who evaluates me as an Apprentice?

As an apprentice, the goal is to provide you with support and opportunities to practice and grow your knowledge and skills in CS and as a facilitator. Along this journey, you will be paired with current facilitator mentors and CodeVA Staff, and provided structured and unstructured feedback consistently. As staff, we conduct coaching calls as means of one on one support and have monthly facilitator meetings to support the faculty as a whole.  All of these things are considered in your evaluation as an apprentice which is done collaboratively between Facilitators, CodeVA Staff, and you, the apprentice.   

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