Error: "Username format should be [user@name]"

Error: "Username format should be [user@name]"

This error is caused when you attempt to enter a badly formatted username. All usernames for login use the format of ‘user@name.’ This error usually happens if:
  • You attempt to login without having the @name portion of the username present
  • You are attempting to include .com/.net or something similar at the end, we only use ‘user@name’
  • You are copying your username and there is a space either in front of or after the username

In order to resolve this error, please double-check your username. Make sure there are no spaces present anywhere in the username field. You may need to contact your training administrator to verify your exact username or reset your password if the system still gives you issues logging in. If you have issues that you cannot resolve after contacting your training administrator, please contact support.

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