How do I make an emergency SOS call?

How do I make an emergency SOS call?

Press and hold red button.

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      If you get a customer that has a watch through PPP and the SOS contact is going through to them you will need to make sure SMS Mode is set up by doing the following:  Text the watch Sim Number - #SMSMODE#  This will be followed with a reply of "SMS ...
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        Adding Contacts to the Blocklist ✎   Upon starting the app your blocklist will be blank by default. There are a variety of ways to add a number to the blocklist,  accessible via the ‘+ ADD‘ button above the  ‘ Blocklist‘ tab icon. You can choose ...
    • How can I call to the wearer?

      Press the 'Call' button on the home screen.
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      Some telephones like BT DECOR models check your 1571 network voicemail service for messages on a regular basis - these are called 1571 phones. They automatically pick up the line a few moments after the end of each call, and then every 30 minutes ...
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      Problem Do not have a dial tone on your phone when you have the Call Blocker connected,  Reason for this This will be due to set up.   Solution                                                                                                            ...