What if there is a power cut?

What if there is a power cut?

The CPR Call Blocker uses the power from your telephone line, so there would be no interference.
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    • How much power does the CPR Call Blocker use?

      The CPR Call Blocker uses only the power from your telephone line, which is of no cost to you!
    • How do I charge the battery in my CPR Guardian II watch?

      Use the USB cable from the box. Plug into USB power and use the magnetic connection to connect to the watch.
    • V5000 Specification

      1500 Number Blocking capacity - 5000 Nuisance numbers pre programmed - Block all scam & nuisance calls at the touch of a button - Blocks PPI, Accident Insurance type calls - Blocks calls from WITHHELD or INTERNATIONAL calls - Blocks calls from ...
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      Main Call Blocking Features Block Now - The Big Red Button! The ‘Block Now’ button is located on the top of the unit. At the touch of a button, the unwanted caller’s number is logged into the unit’s memory, the call will hang up and the number ...
    • How do I set up the Call Blocker IN PARALLEL correctly?

      In some instances, you may need to set up your unit IN-PARALLEL if you are unfortunate enough to lose caller ID on your phones/call blocker when the call blocker is attached. This method doesn't take as much power from your line like the standard ...