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            Blocking all calls

            If the call blocker is blocking all incoming calls or they are dropping off after one or 2 rings, then the setup is the cause here.

            There is two reasons for this:

            1. Caller ID is not active
            2. There is too much plugged in and there is overloading on the line

            Please ensure caller ID is active with the telephone provider, if it is then we need to determine which piece of this equipment is at fault, it’s best to disconnect everything currently connected to all wall jacks/sockets in your home.

            For example:

            Make sure there is nothing else plugged in the line like poor quality DSL filters, splitters, telephone extension cables, other phones in separate telephone wall jacks, alarm systems, Fax machines, Printers, TV Set Top Boxes, Credit Card Machines, Security Gates, etc.

            Once everything is removed, reconnect the Call Blocker to the Main Wall Jack using the Standard (IN SERIES) Set Up – then reconnect your other devices one by one to help eliminate the problem.

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