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            Dynamic Pages

            Dynamic pages allow you to create pages per paramater/field value.

            To explain it, lets consider you have a custom field of dropdown type in your listing called "city" or "reigon", and now you want to create a page which will show listings/reviews specific to that city or reigon only, that's where the concept of Dynamic pages comes in picture. If you have 10 different options for "city" in dropdown, then 10 different city pages will be auto-generated. Its a must-have feature if you are building a website focusing on a specific area.

            Dynamic pages are created only on fields that have options to choose from, such field types include dropdowns, radio buttons, multiple select multiple checkbox types.

            Creating a dynamic page will also alter how some module shows contents, for example you might have a category list on pages which shows up like this:

            On the dynamic page it will show the information limited to that selected city only (see both images show different count of listings in a category):


            To have the dynamic pages work, you need to have the fields of types that provide options to select from like - option box, multiple choice option box

            The image below shows one such field "state" that is created with the type Option box and has names of states as options.


            Once you have the custom field setup to collect the data that would eventually become the basis for filtering the information, then you can continue to relate field groups with listing types and categories.

            To have more information on setting up custom fields and related entities, please refer Setup CrowdVox.

            Adding Dynamic Pages

            Navigate to "Others" > "Dynamic Pages", and introduce a new dynamic page.

            The information heads for which you need to enter are : 

            • Name : This would be used internally to identify the dynamic page, especially at the time of creation of dynamic page links module
            • Field : A selection box to select the field from, please note this scans all the custom fields created in the system of type that are eligible for the purpose
            • Prefix : This is primarily used in the URLs, for example "state"
            • Title : As it would be shown on browser, use :title to put active page name in title
            • Page Title : As it would be shown on page, use :title to put active page name in title

            Next step after introducing the dynamic page you need to create module that will be responsible for showing the dynamic page links on selected section and pages of the website.

            On module definition screen you may decide the location (section) and placement (visibility), under parameters tab you need to do the following:

            • Page Name : Select dynamic page name
            • Limit : Maximum number of links to be shown, others will be available by clicking more
            • Visible Link Keys : The keys (basically the position of option defined for custom field starting from 1)
            • Show present active page - If selected you would also see current dynamic page's link on the module

            Populating dynamic pages with content

            Once dynamic page is created from backend, all the content inside modules will be filtered as per the selected dynamic page.

            Whatever page you create, will also be added in "Visibility" options of Module add/edit page.

            Do not forget to setup cronjob to see the effect of dynamic pages

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 06:02 PM
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