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            Location based search for businesses has been used by Crowd Vox users, therefore we have always been in an endeavour to make the processes easier for users, and in this sequence we have redesigned the locations setup for you with Crowd Vox 3.0. 

            To keep the things simple the locations can now be divided on the basis of their types or levels. You can have any number of locations added under these location types. 

            Navigate to "Settings" > "Location Settings" to manage location types. 

            There are 4 such location types by default. You have a flexibility of enabling or disabling one or more of them to match your needs. 

            The default hierarchy is: 

            • Country 
            • State 
            • City 
            • Neighborhood 


            To enable or disable a location type you can use the button provided in the rightmost column of the index. 

            For each level you have following settings options : 

            • To provide a name / label of your choice in singular and plural forms 
            • To configure whether you want the location pages to be generated for this level or not 
            • To set the level as mandatory whenever a listing is created 


            It is important to configure map settings before adding a listing in order to fetch correct map latitude and longitude, as you have an option to provide the latitude and longitude details for every location that you add.  

            It is recommended not to enable/disable these fields once you have listings on your website as in that case you will have to modify those listings again to provide correct location. 

            Enabling and Disabling Location Types

            Although it is not recommended to not to enable or disable location types once you have locations and listings linked to the locations.

            But if you however want to do this then please note its effects: 

            Scenario 1 - When a middle level location type is disabled

            Let us take an example where you have disabled the states type, this will automatically link the cities under every state to their respective countries as their parent location. 

            Scenario 2 - When a top level location type is disabled 

            The next level locations will have nothing set as parent location

            Scenario 3 - When a disabled location type is enabled

            A new location at the disabled level is created with name default and all locations at the next level will have parent set to this new "default" location

            Scenario 4 - When a location type was earlier enabled, then disabled and again re-enabled

            All locations that earlier had the parent set at the level before it was disabled will again have the same parent; new locations created at next level after disabling would have a new location "default" as their parent.

            All the actions listed above under the scenarios may take a long time to process and would directly depend on number of locations that are affected either at upper or lower level.

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 06:18 PM
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