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            Manage Locations

            Once location settings are configured, you can now add and manage locations by navigating to "Businesses" > "Locations" on admin panel.

            Adding Locations 

            The process of adding location is quite straight forward. You need to be at a correct level in the locations hierarchy. The following screenshot shows a form that allows you to add a country (i.e. the top level location in the hierarchy). 

            Following fields are available on the form : 

            • Name - It is mandatory to provide the name of location 
            • Latitude 
            • Longitude 
            • Visible on locations page - Set this to yes if you want this location to be listed on locations page on website 

            Locations Index

            Once the locations are added their list can be viewed on locations index page. 

            This screenshot shows the country list. You can click on "View States" to go to cities that have been added under the country. 

            Editing Location

            You get similar form as you get during add location.

            Changing Parent Location

            If you want to change the parent location , then a form similar to the one shown below will be available to select the new parent.

            When it comes to changing the parent for a lower level location then you would get option to change not parents upto the top level in hierarchy. 

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 06:19 PM
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