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            Module Management

            To enhance the contents made available to the site visitors you can use modules. To manage modules, you can navigate to "Appearance" > "Modules" menu under the admin panel.

            Described below are some popular modules : 

            Category Dropdown Module

            This module shows categories' dropdown to the user. Selecting a category takes the user to selected category page.

            Category Listing Module

            This module shows category list to the user. Selecting a category takes the user to selected category page. Its preferred to have this module on homepage for better navigation for the end user.

            Category Listing Module

            This module can be used to generate links of Dynamic Pages.

            The links will be generated based on the values of field selected at the time of creation of dynamic page.

            Visible link keys allows you to show only specific links, suppose you have a field 'city' with 50 different values, but you want to show only first 5 cities you entered in the options. So you can define link keys as: 1,2,3,4,5

            Filter Module

            Filter module can create links as per each field's option.

            In the image below, we have a Laptop category with a dropdown field "Operating system", and filter is shown on the right side along with various other filters. This module can improve you site's usability to a great extent.

            Map Module

            This module allows you to place Geo-maps with various listings as pointers, anywhere on the site.

            1. You can set your own criteria for which listings to show on the map As an example you can see how we have displayed Popular 5 restaurants on home page on our demo - To create this module we created a content scope for popular restaurants first and then selected the "popular restaurant" as our filter for map module.

            2. You can set the map module to show listings on a map, that are being listed on a page, automatically As an example you can see the restaurant category page of our yelp demo- To create this module, in parameters tab of map module select content type- autodetect and in visibility tab select category page. You can similarly show map on search result pages too.

            Range List Module

            Like Filter Module, this module can output filter options for numeric fields, say, price, or any other numeric field for filtering the list.

            Search Module

            Search module outputs a simple search form which performs search on listings and reviews. 

            Please do not put more than one search modules on a page. 

            Simple Content Module

            This module creates simple content box based on your selection.

            You can select which content to show: Listings/Reviews/Users and set the criteria/conditions for them.

            Tabbed Content Module

            This module is same as Simple Content Module except that it outputs the content in tabs.

            So you can create, say, 3 tabs like: Top Hotels, Top Bars, Top Users or something like this:

            Showcase the selected contents to feature on all / selected pages using the "Featured Module".

            This module when rendered provides the image slider with easy animated navigation and links for listings featured.

            Ad Module

            This module can be used to show the randomized ads across the website.

            Before using this module one should go through Managing Ads

            HTML Module

            This simple module outputs any HTML you specify in the paramaters of the module.

            Newsletter Module

            This module can be used to output newsletter form like this:

            Tag Module

            Tag module shows the tag cloud of your contents like this:

            User Login Box Module

            This module shows the user login box anywhere you set.

            Here's how it looks:

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 06:41 PM
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