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            Paid Listing Settings Tabs

            The Paid Listing Settings screen helps customization of paid listing, plans and orders. It has an easy to use intuitive interface and saves your time and effort from manual coding of the listing features, besides giving you a complete control over managing the paid listing on your site.

            The screen has 5 tabs namely,

            1. Settings - The Settings tab has the basic feature settings for listing such as enabling or disabling paid listing service, currency and tax settings, terms and conditions, company logo, business information and email notification settings.

            2. Payment Gateways - The Payment Gateways tab has settings related to payments through offline or paypal.

            3. Plans - The Plans tab allows you to create, edit, delete and manage various plans related to listing.

            4. Revenue Report - The Revenue Reports tab allows you to generate reports between required date intervals of the revenue and orders.

            5. Orders - The Orders tab allows you to search, view and edit orders.

            For more information, refer the following links.

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            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 06:31 PM
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