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            Prerequisites for Using Paid Listing Addon

            Prerequisites for using Paid Listing addon on your site are:

            1. Enable Claim Listing

            2. Enable Paid Listing option


            Enable Claim Listing

            Claim listing is a feature using which any business owner can claim an already added listing. To set this option for the paid listing user,

            1. Navigate to the Listing settings page in the Admin Panel.

            2. Check the box behind the Enable Claim Listings functionality.

            3. Click the Save button to save the changes.

            Once this feature is activated, your users will have a Claim it now link on the listings.

            By clicking the Claim it now link, any user can submit a request to admin to become owner of that listing.

            Becoming the owner of a listing grants the user with access to edit that listing and also to convert listing into a paid listing.


            Enable Paid Listing Option

            Before configuring any other setting on Paid Listing, it is a must that you first enable the Paid Listing service.

            1. Navigate to Paid Listing option in the Admin Panel.

            2. The Paid Listing Status denotes whether the listing service is enabled or disabled. Set the status as Enabled.

            3. Click the Save button.

            For more details and other configurations, refer The Paid Listing Settings Screen

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