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            Attractive themes have always been a prominent feature offered by Crowd Vox. With version 3.0 you can now easily customize the frontend theme to suit your needs on fly – from the frontend itself. 

            You're definitely going to save much of the time of developing a custom design, using this tool.You can customize colors, layout types, header design, backgrounds, fonts etc. with the click of a button. No CSS/HTML editing

            To start customizing navigate to "Appearance" > "Themes" 


            On Themes page click on Customize button.

            Clicking in customize button will take you to frontend with customizer button shown 

            Click on cutomizer button will show a panel with required tools to customize the theme. 

            The set of tools on panel are divided in sections according to their targeted properties:
            • Color Skins
            • Backgroud Patterns
            • Background Color
            • Body Font Color
            • Layout
              • Full Width
              • Boxed
            • Header Style
              • Simple Header
              • Image Header
              • Map Header

            You also get an option to reset the styles as they were before the customizer was launched. 

            You need to "Save" the changes in order to retain them. Otherwise "Finish Editing" button can be used to close the customizer and revert to the design to the state before customizer was started.

            Here is a quick demo of how theme customizer works. 


            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 06:08 PM
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