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            Upgrading from Older Versions

            This tool has been added in version 1.0.11, which means you can update 1.0.11 to 1.1.1, but not from 1.0.10. If you have an older version, you should update manually.
            Be familiar with the updates(Release Notes) before upgrading... 
            Always backup your existing database and files before proceeding to install any updates.

            To start the migration process:

            1. Download new package from Downloads tab while accessing your account.

            2. Login to your server and go to the Crowd Vox installation directory, then, Rename your current app and cake folder to app_old and cake_old. Also rename your .htaccess to .htaccess_old

            3. Backup your existing database

            4. Upload the new package to installation directory.

            5. Copy config.php file from app_old/config folder to app/config folder.

            6. Copy app_old/webroot/uploads folder to app/webroot folder, overwriting new uploads folder.

            7. If you are using any language other than English for your website then you should also copy the relevant PO files for the languages from /app/locale

            8. Now since you have uploaded a newer version of Crowd Vox on your server and also have copied the files from older instance. Go to /app/ folder and change permissions of following directories to 777:

               /app/locale => 0777 => recursive
               /app/tmp => 0777 => recursive
               /app/views/pages => 0777 => recursive
               /app/webroot/uploads => 0777 => recursive
               /cake/console/cake (file only) => 0777 (if you are setting up cron jobs)

            9. Upload the file migrate.php that is attached with this document to /app/webroot folder

            10. Once uploaded, use your browser to access

            11. You would get the results when the process finishes

            12. Please make a note of response, and in case of error please report the same to us at 

            13. Now delete all files inside app/tmp/cache folder and app/tmp/models folder. After this access your homepage and you should see the updated version.

            14. CHMOD 755 cake/console/cake file(please note, change permission of cake file, not cake.bat or cake.php)

            15. Login to admin panel and clear cache.

            16. If you have performed any customizations, they will have to be done on new version again from the app_old folder we copied in previous step. Its recommended to keep a list of all such modifications while customizing, to implement upgrades easily.

            You can also contact us for any assistance on updating, if needed.

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 05:50 PM
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