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            How can Cuewords work on my website?

            To use Cuewords on your website, you have to first install Cuelinks Javascript in your website, if you haven't done it yet. Then turn on the Cuewords switch (located right below the menu bar on your dashboard), choose the number of words you want to allow to be converted into links, choose the colour of the hyperlinked words and save. Now all your content will be scanned and linked automatically by Cuewords.

            However, worry not, Cuelinks will not populate your content with irrelevant links randomly. Cuewords has an in-built algorithm that understands the category of your content and then decides which words to convert into which links, without you having to do anything. Your users and/ or readers will love the relevancy of the links converted.
            Updated: 26 Jan 2017 05:31 PM
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