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            What are the different features that Cuelinks offers?

            Cuelinks offers you the following features:

            Aggregated Reporting

            Cuelinks gives you detailed insights like number of links in your content, number of clicks on these links, amount of revenue earned from each merchant, monthly and annual reports and payments made on a single dashboard panel. It eliminates the need to maintain an excel sheet and follow up with thousands of merchants and hundreds of affiliate networks for payouts.

            2 Minute Installation

            Cuelinks offers you the quickest way to create affiliate links for your content. As soon as your account is approved, all you have to do is insert a javascript code (from here) between the body tags, at the end of your content and all the links will get monetized, including the older ones used in the content published before installation.

            200+ Merchants

            Cuelinks works with all the major affiliate networks in the country and with numerous merchants, directly, thus bringing them all to you under one roof. You are instantly approved for all these merchants, once your Cuelinks account is approved.

            Single Point of Payout

            With Cuelinks, you don't have to contact any merchant or affiliate network for your payments. Cuelinks does all the follow-up, and once validated, we make your payments via cheque or direct online transfer to your bank account.

            Lifetime Link Management

            Affiliate networks or merchants frequently change their affiliate programmes and/ or link formats which renders all the existing affiliate links inactive or those links simply redirect your users to a broken page. However, with Cuelinks, publishers need not worry about updating all such links, every time there is a change on the merchant end. You will continue earning from all your links irrespective of such updates because you are using the original URL, with Cuelinks.

            Cuelinks API

            We also have an API available for publishers, who want to integrate Cuelinks more closely with their app. You can change your website redirection script to redirect links via our server, and monetization will be completely taken care of by us. In order to integrate our HTTP API in your app, you simply have to provide us with your publisher ID and the destination URL, you want to send the visitor to.

            Updated: 26 Jan 2017 07:13 PM
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