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            New Feature - Channels

            Dear Publishers,

            We have introduced a new feature in Cuelinks called “Channels”.

            Channels are domain URL or your different sources of traffic on which you will promote the campaigns.

            How it works ? :

            If you already have a approved account with Cuelinks, you will see your channels on your Cuelinks dashboard->Account->My Channels. Please refer the following screenshot:


            You will have one channel already shown when your account is approved. If you want to add a new channels you can do the same by clicking on ‘+’ button and entering the required information.

            Once you have submitted the new channel, the approval request for the same will go to our approval team, if your channel is approved, a channel ID will be allocated to you (as shown in the above the screenshot link). If your channel is rejected, you will see a rejection reason (as shown in the above the screenshot link) and you can re-submit the same by editing the respective channel.

            How to use ? :

            1. Manual approach (getting affiliate links from Campaign explorer / Linkkit ) :

            If you have two or more approved channels/ domains and you are planning to promote a campaign on your approved channels / domains. You need to use respective affiliate links for the respective channels. For example if you have two approved channels:

   (Channel id: 47480)

   (Channel id: 58596, channel name: My Website 2)

            and you are planning to promote “Myntra” campaign. So you can get the respective links by navigating in your Cuelinks account, selecting your respective channel and generating the links, kindly refer below screenshot URL for your reference:



            Similarly, if you select another channel name, you will get a different affiliate link with different channel id in it (cid).

            2. Automated approach (Javascript) :

            If you have multiple approved channels/ domains and you are planning to promote a campaign on both of your approved channels / domains. You need to update the Javascript code in the respective website, as shown below:



            Similarly, for multiple websites / domain, you will get different affiliate links (with cid) in it.

            Note: Make sure you are using the updated affiliate link for your approved channel / website. Correct affiliate links ensures proper tracking and advertiser know about the promotional mechanism and hence there is transparency in the traffic and lesser are the chances of commission getting rejected.

            Updated: 29 Aug 2019 07:49 PM
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