Assigning Roles to Administrators

            What are Roles?

            Roles are, effectively, jobs within your Organisation. You can use the set of default Roles that are provided in TidyHQ or you can create your own. You can allocate Tasks to Roles, as well as print this list out and hand it out at your Annual General Meeting where positions are usually filled. This will help set expectations.

            The Roles functionality will become important when Cycling Australia, or your state association wants to communicate to your club (i.e an email to all club presidents).

            How to Assign Roles

            To assign roles, we recommend following these steps:
            1. Log into your TidyHQ account.
            2. Navigate to Organisations Settings > Admins and Roles > Roles.
            3. Click "Add" to add a new role to your organisation. 
            4. Assign a user to the role.

            Updated: 31 Jan 2019 01:00 PM
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